Turbo-charge Your Experiments With Quanser Amplifiers

AmplifiersSpecialists in optimization of control solutions that aid system development process, Quanser offers a collection of amplifiers that are fully compatible with the education and research systems. Easy-connect terminal boards and cables link your amplifier to your Quanser plant. Based on the requirements of your experimental plant, Quanser workstation includes voltage or current amplifier modules to ensure reliable real-time performance of your system.


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VoltPAQ-X2 Amplifier

Reliable Real-Time Performance for Hardware-In-The-Loop Implementations

The VoltPAQ line is a new generation of Quanser linear voltage-controlled power amplifiers, designed to deliver reliable real-time performance of complex control configurations used in educational and research labs. The VoltPAQ amplifiers achieve high performance with Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) implementations. They can drive Quanser experiments or other motors or actuators through easy-connect terminal boards and cables. VoltPAQs come in three varieties with either one (VoltPAQ-X1), two (VoltPAQ-X2) or four (VoltPAQ-X4) output channels.

AMPAQ-L4 AMplifier

Amplifiers for Mechatronic Systems Requiring Responsive Current Control

The AMPAQ amplifiers are designed for systems where precise current control is essential for the performance. These high resolution linear current amplifiers eliminate dead-band and reduce noise issues common in PWM amplifiers. AMPAQ linear current amplifiers come in two variations with two (AMPAQ-L2) or four (AMPAQ-L4) analog outputs. AMPAQ amplifiers are ideal for complex control configurations used in teaching and research laboratories.


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