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About QuanserQuanser is the world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced systems for real-time control design and implementation used in education, research and industry. Its open-architecture control solutions are ideal for implementing and evaluating strategies from the simple to the extremely complex. Today over 2,500 universities and research institutions around the world rely on Quanser solutions to expand the state of knowledge in critical research areas and to help them educate and graduate a new generation of engineering leaders.

The Quanser approach fosters innovation, collaboration in research and education. Quanser systems embody industry-leading quality, flexibility, and performance and are considered the state of the art for control systems plants for the most demanding applications in control, mechatronics, robotics, and more.

The Quanser approach also reflects the key engineering workflow found in industry, making teaching and research of modern control systems and mechatronic concepts more effective, relevant and efficient. Find out more about the Quanser Method™ .

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