Quanser has been the world leader in controls and dynamics educational experiences for over 30 years. Hands-on controls lab experiences are a critical component of every undergraduate student’s engineering education. Quanser’s Qube Teaching Studio, part of the Controls & Dynamics Lab, empowers educators by providing turn-key experiences consisting of hardware, software, digital twins, instructor resources and an interactive student mobile textbook app for controls. 

Based on a legacy spanning over three decades, we have been designing servo motors for the rigours of undergraduate education. Coupled with our industry-leading reliability, repeatability, and performance, the Qube-Servo forms an unparalleled foundation for control systems education and research. Quanser’s dynamically identical digital-twin amplifies the value of an institution’s investment by empowering students to work in a virtual environment from anywhere they can carry their laptops. This also helps reduce in-lab time by enabling pre-lab activities to be completed beforehand and alleviates space and scheduling constraints.  

Our QUARC real-time control systems package for MATLAB Simulink and our Quanser APIs are included to ensure that control system development and validation is fast and easy across several languages and platforms. To complete the turn-key teaching studio resources, our digital textbook Experience Controls perfectly complements the Qube Teaching Studio with dozens of interactive examples of controllers at work, theoretical concept review sections, test your understanding questions, and hundreds of Powerpoint slides and resources for instructors. 

The Qube Teaching Studio consists of the following: 

  • 6 x Qube–Servo 3 workstations 
  • QLabs Virtual Qube–Servo 3 campus license 
  • QUARC real-time control software 
  • Instructor resources and courseware 
  • Experience Controls mobile textbook app 
  • Experience Controls instructor resources and courseware

Why Qube Teaching Studio? 

  • Easiest way to go from empty lab to new controls lab… 
  • Provides an experiential learning solution for most controls and dynamics topics 
  • Allows easy deployment of a turn-key lab 
  • Scalable solution that provides equitable access by leveraging QLabs Virtual Experiment 
  • Same lab can be used across multiple courses and disciplines 
  • Can be used with a variety of software languages including Simulink, Python, C/C++ 
  • Capabilities extend from undergraduate and graduate levels to research applications 
  • Includes comprehensive, ABET-aligned courseware mapped to popular control engineering textbooks 

Limited time price incentive available. 

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Qube Servo 3 Virtual Qube Servo QUARC Experience Control