Mobile Textbook

Over the last 30 years, Quanser built its reputation creating the best experiential learning material for control systems labs. We are leveraging that legacy to improve the aspect of controls education most in need: the textbook. When combined with our hardware, our mobile textbook offers the best learning experience available for controls students.
> An unprecedented level of interactivity

With real-time dynamic simulations, communication with remote hardware, and integrated assessment questions, Experience Controls gives students a chance to design and implement controllers inspired by real-life industrial systems and applications.

> Modern pedagogy

Using accessible language, mini-lecture podcasts, and self-directed learning principles, Experience Controls offers instructors the ability to quickly and easily leverage modern approaches to engineering pedagogy, including flipped classrooms and blended learning.

> Rich instructor materials

Thanks to the extensive instructor resources, it is easy to integrate Experience Controls into any control courses. The lecture slides and problem sets cover all conventional introduction-to-controls topics, from system modelling and stability analysis to PID and state-space control, and more.