Webinar Details

Friday, December 8, 2023
11 am PST
This presentation delves into curriculum development and industry collaboration at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). It begins with an overview of CPP’s teaching philosophy and the role of industry in curriculum design and workforce development. We explore industry trends in model-based design and digital twins before delving into a series of practical case studies. These case studies cover teaching control theory, research-based projects, workforce development, and Smart Manufacturing. These examples outline CPP’s vision for preparing the future workforce in engineering embracing the power of simulation and model-based thinking.

Presenter’s Bio

Dr. Navid Nakhjiri

Associate professor of Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, specializing in Spaceflight Mechanics, Space Mission Concept Design, Trajectory Design, Spacecraft Design, Systems Engineering, Dynamical Systems, and Numerical Modelling.

Advising undergraduate and graduate research projects in collaboration with the local aerospace industry.

Teaching courses in design, astronautics, and dynamics.

Dr. Nolan Tsuchiya

Assistant Professor at Cal Poly Pomona in Mechanical Engineering. His area of expertise is in Dynamic Systems and Control, in which he studies how to characterize the motion of dynamic mechanical systems and how to manipulate them (think about how a Segway scooter can balance itself). His work falls somewhere within Mechatronics, Robotics, and Control.

Dr. Marco Maggia

Associate Professor at Cal Poly Pomona in Aerospace Engineering