I’m trying to run the Quanser Qball-X4 experiment using the q_qball_x4_control_v4 QUARC model but I get a “Host connection timeout detected!” message.

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These are three reasons for getting the “Time-out” message:

  1. Build and run the “Host_Joystick_TYPE_A/B.mdl” model first. This model has the Stream Server block and must be running first. Once it is running, you can run qball_x4_control_v4.mdl in which you have the Stream Client block. Refer to the Qball-X4 Quick Start Guide for additional details. If you are using OptiTrack system, the software used for calibration of the OptiTrack cameras should not be running at this time.
  2. Make sure your have set your host PC’s wireless IP address to something other than the IPs of the Qball. Each of these IP addresses *must be different*. Verify that the Stream Client block in qball_x4_control_v4.mdl has the URI IP address set to the IP of the host PC so that it can connect to the host Stream Server.
  3. It might be possible that the antenna of the Wi-Fi Module or the module itself became loose and the connector is not making good contact with the Gumstix on your Qball. Verify that you can ping the Gumstix by running Start > Run and typing “ping 192.168.1.xxx” where xxx corresponds to the Qball IP address.

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