QLabs Robotics is a collection of virtual laboratory activities that supplement traditional or online robotics courses. The virtual hardware labs are based on Quanser QArm robotic manipulator and QBot 2e mobile ground robot. The virtual twins of these robots are fully instrumented and dynamically accurate, allowing users to measure simulated sensors, including video and depth data, interact with virtual environments, and work with the same code created for the “real” robots. With QLabs Robotics, you can combine physical and virtual plants to enrich your lectures and in-lab activities and increases engagement and students’ learning outcomes in class-based or online courses.

  • High-fidelity, academically appropriate experiences
  • Fully instrumented, dynamically accurate twins of Quanser QBot 2e and QArm
  • Available on Windows
  • Comprehensive curriculum mapped to popular robotics textbooks
  • Instructor resources and tools to manage access and monitor students’progress
  • Flexible 12-month subscription

QArm Curriculum Topics

QBot 2e Curriculum Topics

  • Introduction to QArm sensors and components
  • Joint control
  • Forward kinematics
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Path planning
  • Differential kinematics (coming soon)
  • Statics (coming soon)
  • Dynamics (coming soon)
  • Differential drive kinematics
  • Forward and inverse kinematics
  • Dead reckoning and odometric localization
  • Path planning and obstacle avoidance
  • 2D mapping and occupancy grid map
  • Image acquisition, processing, and reasoning
  • High-level control architecture of mobile robots
  • Vision-guided vehicle control

Product Details

QLabs Robotics Suscription Options

For increased number of seats, customized content modules or analytics tool, contact sales@quanser.com

QBot 2e virtual sensors 3 digital bumper sensors
1 Z-axis angle measurement (heading)
1 Kinect RGBD sensor
– Camera resolution: 640×480
– Depth sensing: 11 bit
– Depth sensor range: 0.5 – 6 m
QArm virtual sensors Joint position
Joint velocity
Joint PWM command
Joint current
RGBD sensor
App Download & Access to Subscription Management and Analytics Tools Quanser Academic Portal
Compatibility Windows 10, 64 bit


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