The QNET Myoelectric board includes a two-electrode electromyograph with a grounding strap and a servo. The EMG signal produced by contracting the forearm muscles is measured and processed onboard and used to control opening and closing of clamps on the servo, similarly to a myoelectric prosthesis. An optical isolation amplifier is used to amplify the electromyogram signal measured by the EMG electrode, remove noise, and isolate the power source from the user.

  • Electromyograph powered by two AA batteries, with optoisolated electrode and a grounding strap
  • Pulse-width controlled metal gear servo
  • Onboard signal conditioning circuit and PWM
  • EMG signal monitoring at different stages
  • EMG signal processing and analysis
  • Signal conditioning
    • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
    • Filtering
  • Development of task-based servo control from processed electromyogram
    • Zero-order hold
    • Integral control

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:



Product Details

Servo motor operating range 4.8 – 6 V
Servo motor stall torque 3 kg.cm
Isolation amplifier recommended input voltage ± 0.2 V
Isolation amplifier output voltage range 1.29 – 3.8 V
EMG sensor analog output  ± 5 V
EMG sensor gain 300 Hz
EMG upper cut-off frequency 500 Hz
EMG lower cut-off frequency 25 Hz

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