An Exoskeleton Design Robotic Assisted Rehabilitation: Wrist & Forearm

An Enhanced IBVS Controller of a 6DOF Manipulator Using Hybrid PDSMC Method

Online teaching of robotic arm by human–robot interaction: end effector force/torque sensing

Forward and Inverse Kinematics Analysis of Denso Robot

Real time optimum trajectory generation for redundant/hyper-redundant serial industrial manipulators

A New Artificial Neural Network Approach in Solving Inverse Kinematics of Robotic Arm (Denso VP6242)

An Acceleration Command Approach to Robotic Stereo Image-based Visual Servoing

Robust On-Line Model Predictive Control for a Constrained Image Based Visual Servoing

Augmented Image-Based Visual Servoing of a Manipulator Using Acceleration Command

Novel two-stage control scheme for robust constrained visual servoing

Reduced jerk joint space trajectory planning method using 5-3-5 spline for robot manipulators

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