A LabVIEW-based online DC servomechanism control experiments incorporating PID controller for students’ laboratory

Cross Interference Minimization and Simultaneous Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Frequency Loads Using Frequency Bifurcation Approach

Robust nonlinear fractional order fuzzy PD plus fuzzy I controller applied to robotic manipulator

Adaptive collaborative speed control of PMDC motor using hyperbolic secant functions and particle swarm optimization

Developing IoT Enabled Applications for Augmented Engineering Education

Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Using Thiran’s Delay Approximation for Networked Control System

Modelling and Position Control of Brushed DC Motor

Nonlinear self-tuning of fractional-order PID speed controller for PMDC motor

An Implementation of Project – Based Learning in the Dynamic Systems and Control Course

An Online Course and Laboratory for Studying Automatic Control Systems.

Modeling PD Closed-loop Control Problems with Fuzzy Differential Equations

A LabView Based Online Control Experiments for Students’ Learning

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