Complete Aerospace and Mechatronics Solution with the Quanser Aero

Aerospace and mechatronic engineers need a broad range of engineering skills, including knowledge and practical application in areas such as control systems, dynamics modeling, system identification, and mechanical design. Quanser’s latest release, the Quanser Aero is a fully integrated lab experiment, designed for teaching mechatronics and control concepts at the undergraduate level, as well as for advanced aerospace research applications. Join us for this introductory webinar where you will:

Learn about the Quanser Aero and view features such as:

  • Sensors (e.g. IMU) and actuators
  • Different flight system configurations
  • QFLEX 2 interface
  • Documentation and controllers supplied
  • Teaching and research areas

View live demonstrations of the Quanser Aero configured for

  • 1 DOF VTOL
  • 2 DOF Helicopter
  • Half-Quadrotor Configuration
  • Experiments will be demonstrated with QUARC for MATLAB/Simulink®