Innovate Controls Education with the Quanser QUBE-Servo and NI myRIO

The Quanser QUBE-Servo is a low-cost, fully integrated teaching platform ideal for introducing students to basic and advanced control concepts. Quanser has developed a comprehensive collection of modular, open and independent that cover a wide range of control topics from the basics of modeling and PID control through to advanced frequency domain analysis and digital control. Moving beyond traditional control theory, we have also developed a wide range of highly motivational examples of real-world applications of servo control. These range from immersive 3D automotive control challenges, through to design and mechatronic integration demonstrations. The potent combination of LabVIEW with the Quanser RCP Toolkit, along with the NI myRIO platform and QUBE-Servo offers endless potential to expand and innovate the way in which you teach control. This webinar will introduce some examples including:

  • Accessing and modifying the QUBE-Servo curriculum
  • Leveraging the potential of LabVIEW and the Quanser RCP Toolkit
  • Motivating students through real-world examples of servo control in the automotive industry
  • Adding third party devices to the control loop including webcams and Microsoft Kinect
  • Creating custom hardware for the QUBE-Servo using 3D printing technology