Quanser was founded in 1989 responding to the need for desktop hardware platforms optimized for teaching and research in engineering education.

Quanser is now the global leader in the design and manufacture of refined products, solutions and complete labs that have transformed the way educators teach the theory, application, and implementation of controls, robotics, and mechatronics.

Over 2,500 universities and institutions rely on Quanser labs and solutions to help them attract, educate and graduate a new generation of engineering leaders – expanding their presence and reputation on the global academic scene.

The Quanser approach of innovation, collaboration and education has produced a number of notable technology firsts that pioneered many critical contemporary trends:

  • Efficient validation platform for control research and the commercial realization of the inverted pendulum
  • High-performance, real-time control on common microcomputers
  • Research-focused quadcopter, preceding the drone revolution by a decade
  • Generalized haptic platform for force-feedback telerobotics
  • Intelligent, affordable robotic therapy platform for stroke patient rehabilitation
  • Mobile-first knowledge platform optimized for engineering content