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Quanser is a world leader in the design and development of a rich interdisciplinary ecosystem of cutting-edge solutions for engineering education and research.

Lab Collection

Robotics & Mechatronics

As the potential applications for robotics and automation systems have grown over the last several decades, the need for multipurpose academic robotics and mechatronics labs that can be used to teach fundamental concepts and research potential applications has become irrefutable. The software and electromechanical flexibility of these platforms give unprecedented access to powerful and robust systems that can serve as a core element of a student's academic career, from introductory mechatronics, robotics, controls, and intelligent systems concepts to design projects, capstone, and graduate-level research.

Lab Collection

Autonomous Systems & Applied AI

To equip engineering graduates with the skills and expertise needed to tackle these challenges, the Quanser Autonomous Systems and AI Lab is a turnkey collection of platforms, libraries, course resources, and laboratory infrastructure that brings complex theories to life. To catalyze innovative research, the lab offers powerful open-architecture platforms and digital twins that accelerate development and offer a reliable and flexible design and development backbone to generations of researchers.

Lab Collection

Control Systems & Dynamics

The Quanser Controls and Dynamics Lab is the culmination of our decades of experience working with academic programs worldwide to develop exciting learning experiences and cutting-edge research. The lab is a complete collection of teaching and research platforms, software, resources, and digital twins that can take a controls lab from an empty room to a fully commissioned lab in hours instead of weeks or months.

Control Systems & Dynamics Robotics & Mechatronics Electromechanical Control Manipulator Robotics Mechatronics

Introduction to Controls Teaching Lab

Quanser has been the world leader in controls and dynamics educational experiences for over 30 years. Hands-on controls lab experiences...
Robotics & Mechatronics Mobile Robotics Software Virtual Experiments

QLabs Virtual QBot Platform

Virtual platform for distance and blended undergraduate mobile robotics courses

QLabs Virtual QBot Platform is a fully instrumented, dynamically accurate virtual twin of a QBot Platform, to enrich your lectures...
Robotics & Mechatronics Autonomous Vehicle Control Mechatronics Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics Lab

Turnkey Solution for Advancing Education, Research, and Project-based Learning in Mobile Robotics

The Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab offers a turnkey solution for institutions that are looking to build or upgrade their mobile...
Software Virtual Experiments

Quanser Interactive Labs

The only hardware-inspired, scalable way to bring credible, high-fidelity interactive lab experiences to students off-campus.

With Quanser Interactive Labs, you get a collection of virtual hardware-based laboratory activities that supplement traditional or online courses. The...
Control Systems & Dynamics Robotics & Mechatronics Electromechanical Control Manipulator Robotics Mechatronics

Qube-Servo 3

The quickest path to practical controls

The Qube Servo 3 is the fastest and most efficient way to bring modern, hands-on learning experiences into your Control...
Autonomous Systems & Applied AI Robotics & Mechatronics Mobile Robotics

QBot Platform

High-performance Autonomous Ground Robot for Indoor Labs

The Quanser QBot Platform is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, built on a differential drive mobile platform. This solution...
Autonomous Systems & Applied AI Autonomous Vehicle Control Mobile Robotics


Sensor-rich autonomous vehicle for self-driving applications

QCar, the feature vehicle of the Self-Driving Car Studio, is an open-architecture, scaled model vehicle designed for academic teaching and...
Control Systems & Dynamics Aerospace Control Electromechanical Control

Aero 2

Reconfigurable Dual-Rotor Aerospace Experiment for Controls Education and Research

The Aero 2 allows you to teach and research more control systems courses and topics than any other solution on...
Robotics & Mechatronics Manipulator Robotics


Modern Manipulator Arm for Robotics Courses and Research

Quanser’s QArm is a 4 DOF serial robotic manipulator with a tendon-based two-stage gripper and an RGBD camera, designed for...

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