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Mobile Robotics Lab

Turnkey Solution for Advancing Education, Research, and Project-based Learning in Mobile Robotics

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The Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab offers a turnkey solution for institutions that are looking to build or upgrade their mobile robotics capacity. The lab offers a comprehensive, ready-to-deploy ecosystem equipped with four innovative QBot Platform mobile robots featuring advanced sensors and high-powered NVIDIA GPUs. Complete with ready-to-use courseware and research examples, the lab stands as a full package to cultivate industry-relevant skills and encourage multidisciplinary teamwork.

Product Details

The Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab is designed to make the leap from classroom theory to real-world robotics a reality. At the core of this lab are four QBot Platforms, equipped with top-notch sensors like LiDAR and an Intel RealSense RGB-D camera, complimented by an NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano. This setup lets students and researchers explore everything from basic robotics to the frontiers of applied AI and multiagent systems. It comes fully supported by course-ready curriculum and project-based learning materials.

Leveraging the powerful digital twin of the laboratory, students can safely explore and develop algorithms in a simulated environment that is an ideal twin of the real-world lab. Combining digital and real-world learning with progressive pedagogical approaches supported by the lab can create a collaborative and motivational learning environment. In addition, students can undertake projects that mirror real-world scenarios, facilitating a deep understanding of how mobile robots are used and building toward a portfolio of skills that can be leveraged to demonstrate industry readiness both for industrial roles and in future academic research. To promote further flexibility, teaching material, and research examples  with leading programming tools like Python, MATLAB Simulink, C++, and ROS 2Overall, the Mobile Robotics Lab transcends conventional educational lab offerings by merging rigorous academic research with practical teaching, shaping engineers ready to spearhead future advancements in mobile robotics both academically and industrially.


Innovative QBot Platform:
Central to the Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab are four advanced QBot Platforms, each boasting a comprehensive sensor suite, including LiDAR and an Intel RealSense camera, combined with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano. This setup enables detailed activities around the fundamentals of localization, path planning, and navigation extending into obstacle avoidance, and applications of multiagent systems and applied AI.

Comprehensive Turn-Key Solution with Educational Courseware:

A complete package, the lab includes tailored courseware in Python and MATLAB Simulink with practical research examples to give academics a head-start in the implementation of their research applications. This ensures a seamless bridge between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, as well as resources that complement progressive approaches to pedagogy including project-based learning and hybrid teaching.

Versatile Development Support & Open Architecture:

Offering unparalleled development flexibility across ROS, Python, MATLAB Simulink, and C++, the lab allows for the use of several programming environments. Its open architecture further enables unparalleled access to the core operation of the lab systems and QBot Platforms align the operation of the lab systems to far-reaching educational and research objectives.

High-Fidelity Digital Twin for Advanced Learning:

With high-fidelity digital twins available, students and researchers can design, test, and refine their robotics applications in a risk-free environment. This enhances learning and experimentation, ensuring concepts are fully understood before physical implementation.

  • 4 x QBot Platforms  
  • 1 x Template map (4′ x 4′)  
  • 1 x Reconfigurable environment (12′ x 12′)  
  • 8 x Batteries  
  • 4 x Battery chargers and charge cables  
  • 4 x Game controllers   
  • 1 x Router  
  • 1 x Pre-configured ground station PC  
  • 1 Year Subscription to QLabs Virtual QBot Platform  
  • QUARC lab license  
  • Intro to Mobile Robotics content 
  • Self-localization and state estimation
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Multi-agent collaboration & swarming
  • Simultaneous Localization & Mapping
  • Applied AI & Machine Learning
  • Path Planning & Navigation
  • Patrolling & Surveying
  • Behavior architectures & decision making
  • Sensors & Actuators Interfacing
  • Forward/Inverse Differential Kinematics
  • Image/Lidar Acquisition, Calibration & Processing
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Self Localization & State Estimation
  • Path Planning & Navigation
  • Task Queue Generation & Execution
  • Multi-agent Task Distribution and Collaboration

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