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QBot Platform

High-performance Autonomous Ground Robot for Indoor Labs

Autonomous Systems & Applied AI Robotics & Mechatronics Mobile Robotics

The Quanser QBot Platform is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, built on a differential drive mobile platform. This solution is ideal for teaching undergraduate and graduate mobile robotics as it is accompanied by comprehensive courseware and equipped with built-in sensors such as LiDAR, front-facing RealSense camera, downward-facing camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer, all powered by an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano computer.

Product Details

The QBot Platform provides an electromechanical prototyping bay for adding project components. It is also equipped with a reinforced landing pad for drones and additional cargo. The open control architecture allows users to seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf sensors and customize the QBot Platform for their research. The solution is well suited for designing and developing applications related to autonomy, navigation and control, machine learning, computer vision, multiagent heterogenous and swarm robotics, and more.

Project – Ready

Electromechanical prototyping bay and fully accessible 40-pin I/O header

Course – Ready

Relevant lab content for courses tailored to both mobile & manipulator robotics

Research – Ready

Deploy applications via MATLAB ®, Simulink®, Python, C++ and ROS

Swarm – Ready

Cost-effective pricing and bundle options allow multiple units in a lab

Platform 2-wheel differential drive base with 4 support castors
Diameter 570 mm
Height 227 mm
Drivetrain sensing Current sensing, optical encoders, and digital tachometer per wheel
Maximum motion 1.5 m/s speed and 1 m/s/s acceleration
Nominal motion 0.7 m/s speed and 0.5 m/s/s acceleration
Maximum payload @ maximum motion 20 kg
Operation time 2 hours per battery
Power Up to 2x 84Wh LFP batteries w/ external charging
On-board computer NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano
Downward facing camera Grayscale w/ global shutter – 640×400 @ 120Hz
Front facing camera Intel RealSense D435 RGB-D camera
LiDAR 2D 360° lidar w/ 16,800 points per second
IMU 6-axis IMU w/ accelerometer and gyroscope
GPIO 40-pin header including SPI / I2C / UART / PWM
LEDs User programmable LEDs
LCD Character display module
Language support MATLAB / Simulink / Python / ROS 2
USB ports 4x USB 3.0 user ports
HDMI 1 full HDMI port
Connectivity IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Gigabit Ethernet port
  • QBot Platform Ground Robot
  • QUARC Complete License
  • Reconfigurable Warehouse Automation Map (12’ x 12’) (3.6m x 3.6m) and Walls
  • High-performance Router
  • Self-localization and state estimation
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Multi-agent collaboration & swarming
  • Simultaneous Localization & Mapping
  • Applied AI & Machine Learning
  • Path Planning & Navigation
  • Patrolling & Surveying
  • Behavior architectures & decision making
  • Sensors & Actuators Interfacing
  • Forward/Inverse Differential Kinematics
  • Image/Lidar Acquisition, Calibration & Processing
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Self Localization & State Estimation
  • Path Planning & Navigation
  • Task Queue Generation & Execution
  • Multi-agent Task Distribution and Collaboration

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