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Transforming Educational Experiences Accelerating Innovative Research

Quanser offers the academic community a diverse ecosystem of solutions to enrich hands-on lab experiences and enable efficient engineering research.


Academia Is In Our DNA

Quanser partners with global universities, business organizations and professional associations to understand the diverse and evolving needs of the academic engineering community.

Aligned to modern industrial and academic trends

We offer turnkey solutions to ensure that your systems provide value to the most ambitious and cutting-edge researchers and educators who are impacting generations of students.

Designed specifically for the academic environment

Our platforms are designed with built-in reliability and repeatability to maximize learning and minimize maintenance. Designed around flexibility and scalability, our platforms can address the needs of multiple departments and application areas.

An R&D team of specialized Academic Applications Engineers

Dedicated to developing solutions for advanced teaching, research and learning outcomes. Our platforms include curricula support, courseware and content resources, as well as advanced application examples for researchers.

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Quanser’s extensive range of products and platforms offer the fastest and easiest way to meet academic objectives for engineering education and research.
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Why Quanser?

For 35 years, we have been focused on designing solutions for the academic community. Our decades of investment in developing cutting-edge hardware capabilities, unmatched software solutions, and close ties to the international academic community position us as uniquely capable of accelerating the achievements of our customers.


More Time & Resources for Teaching and research

Institutions can immediately leverage out-of-the-box teaching and research examples.In addition, a library of academic algorithms which increase capacity without the usual commitment of time and resources to develop from scratch.


Graduate Students with Industry Ready Skills

Relevant and valuable learning outcomes improve student engagement, motivation and results. Employers seek out and support institutions whose graduates have the desired knowledge and skills to take on future challenges.


Make Your Grant Proposal Stand Out

Applying for grants is daunting and time consuming. Leverage Quanser’s expertise and knowledge of the process to uniquely position your proposal for success.


Improve Your Institution's Reputation

Investing in transformational programs and showcase labs will raise your institution’s profile in the eyes of students, faculty and the academic community.

Proven Customer Success

See how we empower customers just like you to transform the outcomes of their teaching and research for new levels of success.
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The Quanser Experience

A Commitment to Your Success
Whether updating your lab or overhauling an entire program, it can be a challenging journey. We help you at every step with guidance, expertise and support. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

    It’s important for us to get to know you through your academic profile even before we meet so we can come prepared for our first conversation. We will come equipped to discuss how you teach, what you research, but more importantly, what you want to accomplish. It becomes the foundation for how we support you.


    Through consultative discussions and collaboration with our R&D engineers, we work with you to develop the right solution, map the proper curriculum, and assemble the right materials, hardware and software resources. Once a solution that meets your needs is identified, our team will assist with the additional steps required to justify and secure the approvals and funding to acquire the solution. This includes recommendations on possible external funding opportunities (if available), helping draft compelling internal/external proposals, and navigating possible competition steps.


    Our customer success team will ensure that your solution seamlessly integrates into your labs and courses. Over time, we will continue to provide support to ensure you can take on new challenges. Anytime along the way, we are happy to leverage our extensive global network to connect you to academic peers with similar goals and interests.


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