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Academic institutions trust Quanser to strengthen their reputation through transformative teaching and research labs that accurately replicate theories and bring engineering mathematics and concepts to life.

“We are in a golden age of engineering education. There’s a lot to be excited about and a lot to be challenged by. The education we offer students must capture this momentum and help them realize their potential.”
Paul Gilbert, CEO, Quanser

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Quanser partners with a wide range of academic institutions, companies, and professional organizations in developing our brand of soltuions

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Today, over 2,500 universities, colleges, research institutions and companies around the world use Quanser solutions. Here are some examples of how they apply them to enhance teaching experience of students and to accelerate their academic and industrial research or to achieve their business goals.

Share your success story with the controls community. Tell us how you are using Quanser hardware and software tools in your teaching and research lab.

Shake Table II at the University of East London

University of East London

Shake Table Supports Earthquake-Affected Building Design


San Francisco State University

The Future of Engineering Courses: Modern Pedagogy Delivered through the Latest Technology


University of Rijeka, Croatia

A Unique Seismic Lab Opens the Door for Advanced Research


University of Toronto

Bringing Excitement and Relevance to Analog Circuit Design


University of Sheffield

Introducing Controls in a Large-scale Laboratory: A New Approach to Undergraduate Engineering Education


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