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Control Systems & Dynamics

Since Quanser was founded to address the fundamental need for experiential teaching and research platforms, control systems has been at the core of what we do.
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About This Lab

The Quanser Controls and Dynamics Lab is the culmination of our decades of experience working with academic programs worldwide to develop exciting learning experiences and cutting-edge research. The lab is a complete collection of teaching and research platforms, software, resources, and digital twins that can take a controls lab from an empty room to a fully commissioned lab in hours instead of weeks or months.
  • Scaffolding Learning in a Controls and Dynamics Lab
    A scaffolded progression of skills activities starts with the Qube-Servo 3 servomotor as a linear open-architecture system. The Qube-Servo 3 and our collection of over 30 lab activities introduce students to modelling, control design, analysis, and tuning fundamentals. From there, instructors can increase the complexity of the dynamic system by introducing the Aero 2 platform, which smoothly transitions students to more advanced topics such as observer design and cascade control. The versatility of these two platforms, combined with our customizable courseware and open-architecture design, equip a Controls and Dynamics Lab with the software, hardware, and courseware needed to provide essential hands-on learning experiences to students in any combination of control systems courses.
  • Enhancing Control System Development with QUARC and Python Libraries
    To further expand the versatility of the lab platforms, the QUARC real-time control software for MATLAB Simulink and our Quanser APIs are included to ensure that students and researchers can develop and deploy controllers using several languages. The QUARC libraries that are included in the QUARC package and our academic resource libraries for Python further accelerate the development cycle to make testing and validation quicker and easier than would be possible with standard libraries and tools.
  • Enhancing Learning with High-Fidelity Digital Twins
    To further expand the versatility, accessibility, and experiences that are available as part of the Controls and Dynamics Lab, each lab comes with a set of high-fidelity digital twins that give students and researchers the ability to work with virtual hardware platforms off-campus in almost the same way they would work with the real systems. This opens up a wide variety of options for students to spend more time exploring the algorithms they're developing, tuning and validating their approaches, modelling different dynamic systems, and comparing the performance of their controllers on other types of systems.
  • Experience Controls: A Comprehensive Digital Textbook for Enhanced Learning
    To complete the turn-key teaching studio resources, our digital textbook Experience Controls perfectly complements the Qube Teaching Studio with dozens of interactive examples of controllers at work, theoretical concept review sections, test your understanding questions, and hundreds of PowerPoint slides and resources for instructors. We created the Experience Controls mobile textbook to offer students a more interactive and hands-on way to bring traditional textbook control system concepts to life. With over sixteen thousand downloads of Experience Controls, we are confident when combined with our physical and virtual platforms, the Qube Teaching Studio offers an unparalleled learning experience for students at all levels.

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