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In 2023, the Quanser Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio will get a new and upgraded aerial vehicle, the QDrone 2. Powered by an Nvidia-based SOC module, the QDrone 2 will offer increased computation and diversity in research capabilities, such as more complete state estimation (via computer vision) and machine learning. In this webinar, we will discuss what makes the QDrone ideal for autonomous vehicle research and preview some of the updated hardware features that a new or existing research lab can expect when using the QDrone 2.

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Presenter’s Bio

John Pineros is part of Quanser’s R&D Academic Applications team, which develops content for teaching undergraduate controls concepts as well as research examples for our studio offerings.

Over 5 years, John has been involved with training end users on how to set up and use Quanser’s Autonomous Vehicles Research studio, as well as developing ROS examples for the initial release of Quanser’s Self-Driving Car Research Studio. John has also represented Quanser internationally at tradeshows.

John holds an M.Eng from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department at the University of Toronto where he specialized in Autonomous Unmanned Systems.