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Joint Control Robot – 6 DOF D

This product is no longer available.

The DENSO VP-Series 6-Axis articulated robot supplied with Quanser open-architecture control module has all the capabilities of an industrial system, making the workstation an ideal test bed for teaching and research in areas such as teleoperation, robot-assisted surgery, rehabilitation, pick-and-place or welding activities and more.


Product Details

Quanser technology allows the 6 DOF DENSO Open Architecture Robot Workstation to be bundled with any haptic device supported by QUARC, including the Quanser HD² High Definition Haptic Device to create a high fidelity bilateral teleoperation setup where the forces and torques at the tip of the robot are measured and applied back to the operator through the haptic device.

  • DENSO robot 3D visualization provided
  • Command either Cartesian or joint velocity set points
  • Tune the DENSO built-in controller gains or design your own controller
  • Measure the Cartesian positions, joint angles, and joint torque commands
  • Set either Cartesian or the joint minimum and maximum velocity limits
  • DENSO built-in safety checks remain enabled for safe operations
  • Quanser-designed DENSO controller and pre-configured PC included
  • Optional force/torque sensor can be purchased separately
Number of axis 6
Overall arm length 210 (first arm) + 210 (second arm) = 420 mm
Payload 2 kg
Position repeatability ± 0.02 mm in each of x, y, z directions
Position detection absolute encoder
DENSO robot weight app. 15 kg
Mounting positions floor, ceiling
Controller Quanser custom Ethernet-based controller box
Maximum composite speed 3900 mm/s (at the center of an end-effector mounting face)

For Simulink

Complete workstation includes:

  • QUARC® add-on for MATLAB®/Simulink® with Denso Robot Blockset
  • Denso VP-6242G robot
  • Denso controller, Quanser custom-designed open-architecture control module
  • Pre-configured PC
  • Force/Torque sensor (optional, can be purchased separately)

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