The holidays are around the corner, and you may find yourself locked out of your office or classroom for a couple of days. What are you going to do with all that free time? Some of you may be lucky and have a space at home where you can keep tinkering, inventing, and do other things engineering. If that’s not your case, our team has some tips for you.

I checked with a couple of my colleagues here at Quanser for their book, podcast, or video recommendations. Something they really liked in the past couple of months, or a book/show that awaits them on the shelf/smart device. Here is our list (in no specific order) – enjoy reading, listening, or watching over the holidays. And feel free to use the list for the last minute holiday shopping ideas! I did too!

Sales Mind, by Helen Kensett

This book recommendation comes from Thuvishan, one of our Academic Solutions Advisors. “This is a great book for any engineer transitioning into a sales role as I did. It offers a lot of practical examples that I think can help me improve my skills.”

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, by Scott Galloway

Orlando, Mechanical Design Engineer, finds the author’s take on these four companies, their successes failures, strategies and behavior quite interesting. “It’s quite a revealing read,” according to Orlando.

99% Invisible, by Radiotopia

This podcast recommendation comes from Andrew, Mechatronics Engineer at Quanser. “It’s about a design that we often miss, the design of everyday things we don’t even think about.” And yes, one of the episodes is dedicated to Toronto-own raccoon-resistant green bins, so of course, we have to mention the podcast!

It Starts With Why, by Simon Sinek

This book is a cool read, according to Karsin, our Industrial Engineer. “It talks about how to be a good leader, rely people around you and inspire them,” says Karsin. And he is not the only one who likes the ideas behind the book. The TED Talk by the author is one of the most watched TED videos of all time.

Science Vs., by Gimlet Media

“Because it’s awesome,” answered Peter, Engineering Curriculum Manager, when I asked why people should listen to this podcast. So, if you want to look at facts (or a lack of) behind the latest fads and trends, tune in. It’s awesome!

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, by Neil deGrasse Tyson

“A great starter for people interested in space and the universe,” says Anant, Academic Solutions Advisor. “And the book explains everything in a very engaging way, in a typical Neil deGrasse Tyson fashion.” Thanks, Anant, someone on my list is getting this one!

Part-time Genius

This is a good start for any aspiring full-time genius. The recommendation comes from Anant again (he has a long commute to work, hence a plethora of suggesstions). Learn interesting facts and backstories about technologies, brands, history, and everything in between!

Defying Limits – Lessons from the Edge of the Universe, by Dr. Dave Williams

Back to space, with this new book from one of the most accomplished Canadian astronauts. Gilbert, Systems and Control Engineer has this book waiting for him to read over the holidays, and he is looking forward to it. That’s a recommendation in itself!

Got inspired? Well, we hope you will enjoy your pick! And let us know your recommendations – we will add them to our reading/listening list. Have a great holiday!