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Transform Robotics Education and Research with the newly released Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab

10:30 AM (EDT/ GMT-4) 

Wednesdays, March 13

We’re excited to introduce the new Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab, featuring our groundbreaking QBot Platform. This achievement marks a new frontier of open and flexible research potential, and multidisciplinary skills teaching experiences. 
The Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab stands as an academia’s most comprehensive turnkey mobile robotics lab offering, designed to enhance engineering education, research, and outreach in robotics. It is an immensely valuable enhancement to the already powerful Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio (AVRS), and a wonderful upgrade for users of our previous generations of QBotThis product offers a full complement of advanced sensors, a powerful NVIDIA GPU for applied AI, customizable electromechanical interfaces perfect for project-based learning, and an even more capable iteration of our open-architecture software frameworks for systems-level applications of introductory and advanced mobile robotics concepts. 
Join us in advancing robotics education and research, inspiring students, and pioneering the future of this dynamic field. 


Presenters’ Bio:

Peter Martin – Director of R&D 

Peter Martin, B.Sc.Eng., M.A.Sc., is an engineering education specialist who has been a member of the Quanser R&D team for over ten years. As Director of R&D, Peter is responsible for ensuring that Quanser’s vision and strategy continue a legacy of world-leading innovative and academically aligned products and services. During his tenure, Peter has been responsible for leading the development of several notable ground-breaking products focused on diverse markets from robotics and mechatronics to educational platforms and tools. 

Amirpasha Javid – Director of Sales 

Amirpasha Javid joined Quanser in 2007. As a control systems engineer, he has worked on various projects, including the development of Quanser haptic equipment, robotic tele-operation systems, unmanned ground vehicles, and earthquake simulators. He has also participated in developing course materials for many of Quanser’s teaching and research systems, such as the SRV02-based servo rotary family and the Mechatronic Controls Collection. 

 In pursuit of a more direct interaction with academia to enhance the application of Quanser technology, Amirpasha transitioned into a customer-facing role post-2010. This move was driven by his dedication to closely assist customers and tailor Quanser’s innovative solutions to their specific needs. Currently, as the Director of Sales, he applies his technical background and customer-focused perspective to spearhead Quanser’s sales efforts, cementing partnerships with educational and research institutions globally. 

 Amirpasha Javid received his Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto’s Electrical Engineering Department in 2007, specializing in Control Systems. 


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