A Meeting Place

This corner of the website offers an online meeting place for the worldwide control engineering community. Find out more about what your peers are working on and learn about their successes in teaching and research labs, what motivates them and their students and more. You can participate in discussions, access resources or share your research work for others to benefit from.


A Glimpse

The case studies and user videos give you a glimpse into the engineering labs around the world.

You can learn about experience of other users with Quanser devices and see how they use them. If you are interested in research applications, browse through the wide collection of published research papers where Quanser systems provide a reliable and precise platform for validation of various theoretical concepts.

Engineering Expertise & Education

Quanser also shares its expertese in controls, mechatronics, robotics, as well as engineering education.

Check the Quanser-developed courseware to see how you can incorporate Quanser products into your lab. For engineering insights, download our whitepapers. We also bring the regular updates from the world of controls and engineering education to our customers, partners and friends. Become our eNEWS subscriber and stay on top of the latest developments!