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Quanser Global Sustainability Award 2022

2022 Quanser Global Sustainability Award Winner Announcement

November 30th, 2022, Quanser, in partnership with IFEES and GEDC, is proud to announce the winner of the 2022 Quanser Global Sustainability Award, a global award for encouraging the development of initiatives that prepare students to discover and develop sustainable engineering methods throughout their careers.  Quanser Global Sustainability Award’s committee was ably headed by the co-chair Paul Gilbert and Stephanie Farrell and included Sirin Tekinay, Elizabeth Croft, Maria Joao Viamonte, Sushma Kulkarni, Soma Chakrabarti, Mario Chauca Saavedra, Lelanie Smith and Hans J. Hoyer as a non-voting member.

The Award Committee has completed its work reviewing the materials received from many projects and countries. It has decided to honour Dr. Nathalie Lavoine (NC State University, US) with the 2022 Quanser Global Sustainability Award.
Dr. Nathalie Lavoine’s project is titled: Combining Packaging Engineering & Entrepreneurial Thinking for Improved Circularity & Sustainability. The Award Committee based its evaluation on the scope of development, engagement, and educational and global community impact. This project was rated highly on all these criteria.

The Quanser Global Sustainability Award encourages the development of initiatives that prepare students to discover and develop sustainable engineering methods throughout their careers.

Any initiative focused on developing undergraduate or master’s-level engineering skills to tackle one or more sustainability issues is eligible for application. The initiative must be innovative and include a demonstrable alignment to learning outcomes. It should also have a measurable impact on the student’s understanding of sustainability and be demonstrably scalable (with appropriate funding) to ensure that it can expand to enhance the learning of future generations. Individual and team nominations are welcomed.

While the success of 2022 is in the past, Quanser’s commitment to sustainability is constant. Looking ahead to 2023, we will continue to promote this award and encourage more people to get involved. We will launch our action plan for 2023 as soon as possible. Stay tuned!
A special thank you to our partners who helped to make this initiative successful: IFEES and GEDC.



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