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Preparing a grant proposal is hard, time-consuming work. The funding guidelines are often complex, and the competition for available funding sources is fierce. Additionally, needing to secure internal approval for your proposal before submitting can make the process daunting, especially for new researchers. With all these challenges, you want to make sure your grant proposal stands out from the rest . While University research services provide valuable assistance, leveraging Quanser’s technical expertise can boost your chances of securing your next funding proposal.

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Researchers Helping Researchers

Whether you are with a small or large institution, we can help you seek both internal and external funding. Since 2013 we have helped academics around the world to secure over $13,000,000 in funding from agencies such as the US Department of Defense (DOD), National Science Foundation (NSF), The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and World Bank, just to name a few.

Sample Awarded Proposals

Proposal Title: Integrating “Self-Driving Cars” into Mechanical Engineering Program’s Teaching Curriculum, Student Projects, Outreach and Research
Principal Investigator: Prof. Junmin Wang, Accenture Endowed Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin
Funding Amount: $55,000
Funding Agency: UT Austin (Internal)

Proposal Title: Autonomous Vehicle Systems Laboratory Research Capability Expansion Program
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Frye, Professor and Chair, University of the Incarnate Word
Funding Amount: $500,000
Funding Agency: DoD – HBCU/MI Research & Education

Proposal Title: Developing new research and teaching capabilities in Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics at UDC
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Amir Shahirinia, Assistant Professor, University of District of Columbia
Funding Amount: $505,000
Funding Agency: DoD – HBCU/MI Research & Education

Proposal Title: Establishment of a new Controls Lab at Grand Canyon University
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Ben Encinas, Grand Canyon University
Funding Amount: $120,000
Funding Agency: GCU (Internal)


“Quanser was very supportive in helping me prepare a strong research proposal by sharing their expertise, and ensuring that I had all the necessary technical supporting documentation required for the proposal.” Prof. Daniel Pack, Mary Lou Clarke Endowed Department Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Texas at San Antonio

Amir Shahirinia“It was a great pleasure knowing and working with you in the past two years. This period was enjoyable and smooth since you guys knew exactly what to do, and how to deal with your customers. Simply, you are professionals.” Dr. Amir Shahirinia, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of District of Columbia


Your Success is Our Success

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are key to creating win-win situations, especially in today’s competitive funding grant environment. Below are some of the benefits to our academic counterparts as well as Quanser when we join forces.

Benefits to PI and Institution
  • Access to funds to establish new research/teaching capacities or enhance existing capabilities.
  • Helps focus on the quality of the proposal, not the process.
  • Assistance in identifying the most relevant and highest potential grant opportunities based on PI and institution profile or collaboration possibility.
  • Increased probability of getting funded.
  • Help navigate the competition by leveraging a large international network of distributors and relationships with grants and procurement offices.
  • Decreases the burden and time spent on developing a grant proposal.
  • Recommending validated and world-class technology to carry out the proposed work.
  • Connecting you with other researchers and research networks
  • Sole-source justifications.
Benefits to Quanser
  • Creates an opportunity to partner with influential educational institutions.
  • Contributes to Quanser’s legacy of enabling ground-breaking research.
  • Expands our relationship with academia. 
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The Process

Depending on the funding source, the process from start to a successfully funded proposal may be different. However, you should expect a typical process flow as shown below.

Collaboration is Key to Success

A successful partnership requires that both parties equally contribute to the goal, which is a winning funded proposal. Some of the key expectations and contributions are outlined below.

Contributions of Quanser
  • Identify suitable funding source(s)
  • Collaborate on defining the vision and alignment with the funding review criteria
  • Collaborate on writing the Executive Summary
  • Propose the right solution (hardware + software) to support the vision
  • Describe how the proposed solution meets the vision and expectations of the project
  • Provide full technical description of the proposed hardware and software
Contributions of the Principal Investigator
  • Collaborate with Quanser to define a proposal concept based on current needs and vision for future as well as funding review criteria
  • Identify and assemble the team of co-PI’s and researchers
  • Collaborate with Quanser on writing the Executive Summary
  • Inform the appropriate stakeholders (e.g. college and grant office decision makers) about the intent to submit a proposal
  • Provide Quanser the necessary technical information and research work implications to be included in the whitepaper and full proposal
  • Cooperate with Quanser in a timely manner, and be first in line to navigate internal competition (if applicable)
  • Work with grant office to submit final proposal
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