As with most companies, the last two years have been an unusual one for the Quanser production team. The team has always been a very close group of people. Up until the pandemic we were a very social group whose main form of communication was face to face. Well, that all changed overnight when most of the Quanser staff started to work remotely. The challenge became obvious as I had to manage a team that was entirely in the office while I was remote. Our management system partially relied on physical documentation, which we had to switch to a digital version overnight. We also had to adapt to communicating digitally so I could remain in the loop with what was happening at the office, and even keep up with some of the small talk! The production team adapted very quickly and made the changes necessary to continue their daily requirements with almost no disruption to our production line.

Quanser production team

The team continues to deal with all the usual conflicts around COVID-19 and staying safe while still maintaining a sense of normalcy at the office. On top of that, we have been battling the enormous issue of world-wide part shortages and shipping delays. However, with careful planning, adjusting our production process, and adopting a more agile approach, the production team has managed to stay on top of its production schedule to deliver high-quality Quanser products to your lab.

As the only team that has been completely in the office since day 1 of the pandemic, it is amazing to see what this team has accomplished. They are closer as a team than they were before and have become even more efficient at their jobs. As the world slowly start to open again it has been a highlight of my week to return to the office and see the team in person again. Having the small talks and catching up daily is one of those things I am sure we all miss and having even a little bit of that back is extremely enjoyable.

As all this progresses, I am sure we will run into even more unforeseen challenges, but I know this team is capable of navigating them and coming out even better than they we were before.