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Quanser solutions are designed to deliver a smooth, consistent and reliable experience with complex cyber-physical systems. This is made complete with extensive teaching and research content ready to be integrated into academic courses and research labs.

This webinar will provide an insight into Quanser’s Academic Applications R&D team and our guiding vision for modern engineering education. It will also provide an overview of teaching courseware for students and instructors, examples to accelerate research and development, as well as thorough user guides and technical manuals to get started with any solution.

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Presenter’s Bio

Murtaza Bohra is the R&D Manager for the Academic Applications team at Quanser, which develops teaching content and research examples to accompany our systems.

Over 6 years, he has been involved in developing flight controllers for the QDrone research quadcopter, autonomous applications for Quanser’s self-driving vehicle QCar, as well as undergraduate teaching content for the QArm manipulator. He has also represented Quanser globally in workshops, tradeshows, plenary talks, and conferences.

Murtaza holds a M.A.Sc. in Space Mechatronics and a Bachelors in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto, where he has taught a graduate course on manipulator robotics as well.