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In this webinar, Murtaza Bohra will introduce Quanser’s Python APIs for hardware control, media applications, robotics, application-to-application communication, etc. After an overview of the installation and help resources provided, the QUBE Servo will be used to demonstrate real-time hardware-in-the-loop for position control via the HIL API. The QArm will be used to deploy a multi-rate application with the additional inclusion of the Media API for RGB-D imaging. Lastly, the Stream API will be used additionally to broadcast image data from a QBot 3, while using two QUBE Servo 2’s to drive it around.

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Presenter’s Bio

Murtaza Bohra is the R&D Manager for the Academic Applications team at Quanser, which develops teaching content and research examples to accompany our systems.

Over 6 years, he has been involved in developing flight controllers for the QDrone research quadcopter, autonomous applications for Quanser’s self-driving vehicle QCar, as well as undergraduate teaching content for the QArm manipulator. He has also represented Quanser globally in workshops, tradeshows, plenary talks, and conferences.

Murtaza holds a M.A.Sc. in Space Mechatronics and a Bachelors in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto, where he has taught a graduate course on manipulator robotics as well.