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For over 30 years, academic researchers have relied on Quanser platforms to accelerate the time required to go from proposal to publication. To continue to provide valuable research solutions from generation to generation of graduate students, Quanser has constantly kept pace with the ever-changing state of controls, robotics, and autonomous vehicle research.

We invite you to join our COO, Paul Karam, for a webinar that will peer through this lens of future innovative research trends as he shares his vision for what trends are emerging as key research drivers and how Quanser is keeping pace.

In this uniquely collaborative webinar, Paul will not only share the roadmap we believe will continue to provide efficient and innovative paths through the research landscape but invite attendees to share their thoughts on the future of controls, robotics, and autonomous systems research as we push the boundaries together.

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Presenter’s Bio

Paul Karam

As Quanser’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Karam manages Quanser’s business development initiatives in addition to Quanser’s R&D roadmap and day-to-day business operations. Paul also plays a critical role in the agile development process, which focuses on assisting our partners in attaining their educational, research and development goals. He drives innovation in key emerging applications, including Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars.

In Paul’s previous role as Quanser’s Director of Engineering, Paul spent over 10 years leading the engineering team in its mandate to develop transformational lab solutions that empower a global community of educators and researchers. Paul’s vision and guidance were essential to ensuring that the R&D team could deliver effective, sustainable, and academically appropriate solutions.

In response to the pandemic, Paul refocused his team from the design and delivery of physical lab experience to creating a suite of virtual lab experiences with digital representations of classic Quanser hardware. This change allowed for meaningful, engaging, and exciting controls lab experiences to be delivered remotely to address the challenges that universities worldwide were facing.

Paul holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.