Webinar Details


This webinar will give a brief overview of the importance of vision systems for modern teaching and research using Quanser products. The session will emphasize the capabilities of Quanser’s QUARC libraries for a variety of vision applications using MATLAB/Simulink. We will start with an overview of camera interfacing and the basic QUARC vision blocks using a standalone RGBD camera for blob detection and tracking. From there, we will use the the QBot 3 and the QArm for several more advanced examples including visual servoing to highlight some advanced QUARC functions.

Presenter’s Bio

Kelly Fullerton and Lorena González are R&D Engineers for the Academic Applications team at Quanser, which develops teaching content and research examples for controls and robotics to accompany our systems.

Kelly is leading the design and development of exciting new undergraduate curriculum and research content for upcoming Quanser products. She holds a bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering from McMaster University. In previous work, she has developed machine learning algorithms for cancer research, and has a history of teaching and tutoring robotics and coding to students of all ages.

Lorena is developing novel content for the QArm and QUBE Servo systems. She holds a Master of Science from the University of Manitoba, where she specialized in human-robot interaction. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Robotics from the University of Monterrey. She has worked as a controls engineer for industrial applications and has led research in ground vehicles teleoperation.