Webinar Details

Quanser YOUser Webinar Thursday, April 25, 1 pm EDT (GMT-4) Presenter: Dr. Mahdi Tavakoli, Professor, University of Alberta Medical robotic systems can make surgical and rehabilitative interventions more efficient, accurate, accessible, and reliable while reducing the burden on health care systems. The need for such robotic technologies stems from the current long wait times for surgeries, therapies and rehabilitation sessions. Surgical, therapeutic, rehabilitation and other medical interventions can be significantly enhanced by utilizing the advantages of robots as well as the real-time decision-making capabilities of machines under the direct control and/or supervision of medical professionals (surgeons and therapists). In this webinar, Dr. Mahdi Tavakoli, Professor at the University of Alberta, will present various research projects on medical robotics applications in surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, and telemedicine. He will discuss the infrastructure that supports his research and how the hardware/software integrations are implemented. The goal is to show a range of problems faced in medical robotics research and their solutions spanning instrumentation, imaging, artificial intelligence, and real-time control. Register now  The webinar will be recorded and available on demand.