Webinar Details

The webinar recording is now available
While universities are adjusting to the new reality of the full or partial online teaching model, one dimension, especially when it comes to the engineering programs, remains challenging for most: hands-on labs and projects. Earlier in Spring, to provide an immediate solution to instructors struggling to complete their course without having access to campus, Quanser launched QLabs Controls. This early version of the Quanser Interactive Labs platform provided students with a meaningful alternative to a physical lab through parametric interactions with virtual hardware. But we always had more in mind. We wanted the online lab activities to be truly equivalent to experiences students get working with physical lab equipment and even allow them to switch seamlessly between the real and virtual hardware. The new QLabs Virtual Experiments are bringing exactly that. In this webinar, you can see how we:
  • turned the most popular Quanser products into high-fidelity virtual systems that behave exactly like their physical equivalents, and can be measured and controlled using MATLAB and Simulink (and other platforms in the near future)
  • leveraged the same curriculum accompanying Quanser's physical systems
  • offer relevant and authentic model-based lab experiences, illuminating system dynamics, and providing credible design insights.
You can also see demos of the virtual experiments. To try them for yourself, request a free 30-day trial.