Webinar Details

The recorded version of this webinar is now available. Robotic swarms and teams of interconnected vehicles are at the heart of a wide range of civilian and military applications, from collaborative surveillance and reconnaissance to guidance and control of underwater, ground, aerial, and space vehicles. However, many challenges still have to be solved to ensure stable, effective, and efficient performance of these systems. Quanser invited Dr. Tansel Yucelen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida to talk more about critical challenges related to control of robotic swarms, such as environmental disturbances and modeling uncertainties, limited actuation and unmodeled dynamics, lack of controllability and observability, heterogeneity, temporal constraints, and human interactions. In the webinar, Dr. Yucelen discussed hierarchical distributed control system architectures allowing teams of robots to accomplish given tasks. He also presented experimental results supporting theoretical findings.