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Shake Table II

Small-scale single-axis motion simulator

Earthquake Engineering

The Quanser Shake Table II is a mid-size, open architecture, single-axis motion simulator ideal for teaching and doing research in structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, and other topics related to structural, earthquake, and civil engineering. Users can apply sine waves, chirp signals and scaled earthquakes, such as the Northridge, Kobe, and El-Centro supplied, to study their effects on buildings, bridges, and various materials. Additional earthquake profiles can be downloaded from the PEER Ground Motion Database and scaled down for replaying on the Shake Table II. By combining two Shake Table II systems, users can perform bi-directional shaking experiments, or work with higher payloads.


Product Details

The Shake Table II consists of a top stage driven by a powerful motor that allows it to achieve an acceleration of 2.5 g when loaded with a 7.5 kg mass. The stage has a total travel of 15.2 cm and rides on two ground-hardened metal shafts using linear bearings, which allows for smooth linear motion with low path deflection. The Shake Table’s motor is a 400 W high-powered 3-phase brushless DC actuator. The motor contains an embedded high-resolution encoder that allows the position of the stage to be measured with an effective linear resolution of 1.55 μm. An analog accelerometer mounted on the Shake Table II platform measures the acceleration of the stage directly.

  • High-resolution encoder
  • Ball-screw mechanism for robust actuation
  • Easy integration of user-built structures, third-party sensors and actuators
  • Designed and built for the University Consortium on Instructional Shake Tables
  • Control using standalone Shake Table software or with QUARC for MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Supports scaling and playback of earthquake data
  • Integrated safety features and limits


Dimensions (L x W x H) 61 cm x 46 cm x 13 cm
Total mass 27.2 kg
Top stage dimensions (L x W) 46 cm x 46 cm
Maximum travel ± 7.62 cm
Maximum acceleration with 7.5 kg payoad¹ 2.5 g
Maximum velocity 0.399 m/s
Operational bandwidth¹ 10 Hz
Lead screw encoder resolution (quadrature) 8192 counts/rev
Lead screw pitch 1.27 cm/rev
Effective stage position resolution 1.55 μm


XY configuration with two Shake Table II units

Maximum travel (X and Y) ± 7.62 cm
Maximum acceleration with 7.5kg payload 1.0 g (X), 2.5 g (Y)
Maximum velocity (X and Y)¹ 39.9 cm/s

¹ Please contact Quanser for full operational bandwidth specifications.

  • Modeling and transfer function representation
  • PID control
  • Bandwidth curves

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:

For Simulink

  • QUARC® add-on for MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Quanser AMPAQ-PWM amplifier
  • One of the following DAQ devices:
    • Quanser Q8-USB
    • Quanser QPIDe

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