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Shake Table III XY

This product is no longer available.

Please visite Shake Table II page.

The Quanser Shake Table III XY  is a dual-axis, high-powered planar earthquake simulator ideal for more advanced dynamics analysis and research relating to earthquake loss reduction. It is capable of moving high loads of up to 100 kg at high accelerations and velocities.


Product Details

The QuanserShake Table III XY  consists of a stage mounted on the ground support plate. The stage is actuated by three linear motors and move in either the x or y directions. Two motors mounted on the ground support plate of the table operate in parallel and power the x-axis. A single motor mounted to the stage actuates the y-axis. Together the motors allow for XY planar motion in the Cartesian arrangement. The displacement and acceleration of the stage are measured by the on-board encoder and the accelerometer sensors. The encoder and accelerometer are connected to the DAQ and their signals can be displayed and processed further. The Shake Table III XY can be programmed through a provided Shake Table software, as well as through QUARC® for MATLAB®/Simulink®.

  • Dual-axis operation
  • High-resolution encoder
  • Easy integration of user-built structures, third-party sensors and actuators
  • Control via standalone Shake Table software or with QUARC® for MATLAB®/Simulink® and QUARC® control software; or LabVIEW™
  • Supports scaling and playback of earthquake data
  • Synchronize motion profiles with multiple tables and/or data acquisition systems
  • Integrated safety features and limits
Dimensions (L x W x H) 106.7 cm x 106.4 cm x 20.3 cm
Total mass 550 kg
Payload area (L x W) 71.1 cm x 71.1 cm
Top axis mass 95.22 kg
Bottom axis mass 175.5 kg
Maximum payload at 1 g¹ 100 kg
Maximum travel ± 10.8 cm (x), ± 10.8 cm (y)
Operational bandwidth¹ 10 Hz (x), 10 Hz (y)
Maximum velocity with 100 kg payload¹ 1.55 m/s (x), 1.29 m/s (y)
Maximum force with 100 kg payload¹ 2626 N (x), 2189 N (y)
Maximum acceleration with 100 kg payload¹ 1.0 g (x), 1.0 g (y)
Linear motor maximum peak power 4554 W
Linear motor maximum current 36.0 A peak / 12.0 A continuous
Amplifier maximum peak current 40 A (x), 30 A (y)
Amplifier maximum continuous current 20 A (x), 15 A (y)
Maximum operating peak current limits 36 A (x), 30 A (y)
Encoder resolution (in quadrature) 1,000,000 counts/m
Effective stage position resolution 1 μm
Accelerometer range ± 49 m/s²
Accelerometer sensitivity 1.0 g/V

¹ Please contact Quanser for full operational bandwidth specifications.

  • Modeling and transfer function representation
  • PID control
  • Bandwidth curves

For Simulink

Shake Table III XY workstation includes:

  • Rack-mount PC with QUARC® add-on for MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Shake Table III XY
  • 230 VAC integrated power system
  • Q8 Real-Time control board

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