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Smart Structure

This product is no longer available.

The Quanser Smart Structure is a stand-alone bench-scale model of a tall building instrumented with an eccentric load. It is ideal to study control techniques used to suppress vibrations in tall buildings.

The Smart Structure can be used as a stand-alone system or as an add-on structure for any of Quanser Shake Tables to create experiments of increased complexity.


Product Details

The Smart Structure device consists of a flexible beam mounted on a base support plate. The beam is fitted with a strain gage sensor to measure deflection of the beam. A motorized inertial load is placed at the other end of the beam. The inertial load is actuated by a high efficiency, low inductance DC motor via a gearbox, the angle of the load is measured by an optical encoder.

  • Inertia load consisting of two rigid beams and round crossbeam
  • Base plate instrumented with a precise strain gage
  • High-quality DC servo motor and gearbox
  • High-resolution optical encoder
  • Precisely machined solid aluminum parts
  • Open architecture design
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 85.5 cm (with pendulum in upright position)
Mass 2.6 kg
Rigid beam length 29.2 cm
Flexible beam length 44.0 cm
Encoder resolution (in quadrature) 4096 counts/rev
Strain gage sensitivity 2.54 cm/V
  • Lagrange model derivation
  • State-space representation
  • Linearization
  • PID control
  • State-feedback / LQR control
  • Cascade / multiple loops control
  • Vibration control

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:

For Simulink

  • QUARC® add-on for MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Quanser VoltPAQ-X1 linear voltage amplifier
  • One of the following DAQ devices:
    • Quanser Q2-USB
    • Quanser Q8-USB
    • Quanser QPIDe

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