Adaptive control using stochastic approach for unknown but bounded disturbances and its application in balancing control

Control of unmanned surface vehicles with randomized probabilistic approach

Development of a Data Clustering System for 2DOF Robotic Ball Balancer Using Laser Scanning RangeFinder

Improving Self-Balancing and Position Tracking Control for Ball Balancer Application with Discrete Wavelet Transform-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller

Condition Monitoring based Control using Wavelets and Machine Learning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Improved ant colony optimization for achieving self-balancing and position control for balancer systems

Nonlinear control design using Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy applied to under-actuated visual servo system

Observer integrated backstepping control for a ball and plate system

Real-time control of ball balancer using neural integrated fuzzy controller

CCD Camera-Based Ball Balancer System with Fuzzy PD Control in Varying Light Conditions

Theoretical and experimental investigation of backlash effects on a 2-DOF robotic balancing table

Uniform Ultimate Bounded Robust Model Reference Adaptive PID Control Scheme for Visual Servoing

Controle em Sistemas com Atraso na Rede de Comunicacao Utilizando Preditores de Estado

Optimal quantization feedback control with variable discrete quantizer

Projeto e Implementacao de um Controlador Robusto Chaveado Utilizando Modelos Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno

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