Modeling and Control of Robotic Manipulators: A Fractional Calculus Point of View

Passivity-based control of mechanical systems with linear damping identification

A family of virtual contraction based controllers for tracking of flexible-joints port-Hamiltonian robots: theory and experiments

A New Impedance Control Method Using Backstepping Approach for Flexible Joint Robot Manipulators

Continuous fuzzy nonsingular terminal sliding mode control of flexible joints robot manipulators based on nonlinear finite time observer in the presence of matched and mismatched uncertainties

Fault Accommodation Controller under Markovian Jump Linear Systems with Asynchronous Modes

Passivity-Based Lag-Compensators With Input Saturation for Mechanical Port-Hamiltonian Systems Without Velocity Measurements

Adaptive sliding mode control of n flexible-joint robot manipulators in the presence of structured and unstructured uncertainties

Voltage based sliding mode control of flexible joint robot manipulators in presence of uncertainties

A model-based velocity controller for chaotization of flexible joint robot manipulators: Synthesis, analysis, and experimental evaluations

Experimental evaluation of adaptive CMAC haptic control for teleoperation of compliant-joint manipulators

A Very Strictly Passive Gain-Scheduled Controller: Theory and Experiments

Delta-Operator-Based Extended Disturbance Observer and Its Applications

Disturbance observer based sliding mode control of nonlinear mismatched uncertain systems

State and Extended Disturbance Observer for Sliding Mode Control of Mismatched Uncertain Systems

A new state and perturbation observer based sliding mode controller for uncertain systems

Experimental External Force Estimation Using a Non-Linear Observer for 6 axes Flexible-Joint Industrial Manipulators

A biologically inspired controller for trajectory tracking of flexible-joint manipulators

On the Stability of a Friction Compensation Strategy for Flexible-Joint Manipulators

Tip trajectory tracking of flexible-joint manipulators driven by harmonic drives

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