Design of Robust Controller for 2-DOF Flexible Link Robot Manipulator

Boundary Torque Control of a Flexible Two-Link Manipulator and Its Experimental Investigation

Data-Driven Modeling of a Two-Link Flexible Manipulator (TLFM)

Reinforcement Learning Control of a Flexible Two-Link Manipulator: An Experimental Investigation

Chaotic tip trajectory tracking and deflection suppression of a two-link flexible manipulator using second-order fast terminal SMC

On selection of improved fractional model and control of different systems with experimental validation

Neural Network Control of a Two-Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator Using Assumed Mode Method

New Methodology to Design Learning Control for Robots Using Adaptive Sliding Mode Control and Multi-Model Neural Networks

Virtual contraction based control of fully-actuated mechanical systems in the port-Hamiltonian framework

A flexible robotic control experiment for teaching nonlinear adaptive control

Distributed adaptive control strategy for flexible link manipulators

Sliding Mode Control Using Disturbance Observer for a Flexible Link Robot

A Novel Approach to Build a Learning Controller by Combining Fuzzy Modeling, Sliding Mode, and PID Control for Robotic Applications

Development of an Iterative Learning based Tip Position Controller of a Flexible Link Robot

Direct adaptive control of a flexible robot using reinforcement learning

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