A Common Framework for Tuned and Active Mass Dampers: Application to a Two-Storey Building Model

Output feedback controller design for Quadratic Cost Minimization for Linear Systems with Polytopic Uncertainties

A tuning algorithm for a sliding mode controller of buildings with ATMD

Experimental Study on Effect of Seismic Damper to Reduce the Dynamic Response of Bench Scale Steel Structure Model

Experimental Comparison of Dynamic Behavior of Structures with a Particle Damper and a Tuned Mass Damper

Optimisation of a PID controller for a two-floor structure under earthquake excitation based on the bees algorithm

Design and experimental validation of an optimal fractional order controller for vibration suppression

Output-only identification of the modal and physical properties of structures using free vibration response

Adaptive Feedback Control of Time Varying Structures utilizing Dual-Core Wireless Sensing and Actuation Nodes

Modeling and dynamical performance of the electromagnetic mass driver system for structural vibration control

Modelling and Controller Design for a Flexible Structure System against Disturbance Effects

A double homotopy approach for decentralized H-infinity control of civil structures

Development of an Extensible Dual-Core Wireless Sensing Node for Cyber-Physical Systems

PD and Fuzzy Logic Control for Earthquake Resilient Structures

Simulation and experimental tests on active mass damper control system based on Model Reference Adaptive Control algorithm

Active Control for a Perturbed Flexible Structure: An Experimental Study

Deflection Control of Two-Floors Structure Against Northridge Earthquake by Using PI Controlled Active Mass Damping

Experimental Investigation of Full-Order Observered and LQR Controlled Building-Like Structure Under Seismic Excitation

An active mass damper system for structural control using real-time wireless sensors

Mixed H2/H-infinity Control of a Two-Floors Building Model Using the Linear Matrix Inequality Approach

Control strategies and experimental verifi cations of the electromagnetic mass damper system for structural vibration control

Control Structure Interaction of Electromagnetic Mass Damper System for Structural Vibration Control

H-infinity robust control design of active structural vibration suppression using an active mass damper

Active Vibration Control of a Two-floors Building Model Based on H2 and H-infinity Methodologies Using Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs)

Teleoperation Tools for Bench-scale Shake Tables for Instruction in Earthquake Engineering

A straightforward proposal for low-cost development of virtual and remote control laboratories

Frequency Domain Identification of Multi-Input, Multi-Output Systems Considering Physical Relationships between Measured Variables

A Web-accessible Shaking Table Experiment for the Remote Monitoring of Seismic Effects in Structures

Coupled Building Control Using Acceleration Feedback

Experimental Verification of Coupled Building Control

Fault tolerant structural control systems for civil engineering applications

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