Bio-inspired structure reference model oriented robust full vehicle active suspension system control via constraint-following

Book cover Regional Conference in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering RCTEMME 2021: The AUN/SEED-Net Joint Regional Conference in Transportation, Energy, and Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering pp 860–867Cite as Development of Vibration Absorber System Using Tunable Stiffness Material

Saturated PD-SMC method for suspension systems by exploiting beneficial nonlinearities for improved vibration reduction and energy-saving performance

Cloud-Assisted Collaborative Road Information Discovery with Gaussian Process: Application to Road Profile Estimation

Constraint-following control design for active suspension systems

Design of an gain scheduling state derivative feedback controller for linear parameter-varying systems

Energy-Saving Robust Saturated Control for Active Suspension Systems via Employing Beneficial Nonlinearity and Disturbance

Force Optimization for an Active Suspension System in a Quarter Car Model Using MPC

Road classification using built-in self-scaling method of Bayesian regression

Robust Control for an Active Suspension System via Continuous Sliding-Mode Controllers

Robust Guaranteed Cost Switched Controller Design using Static Output Feedback

Switching logic-based saturated tracking control for active suspension systems based on disturbance observer and bioinspired X-dynamics

Bioinspired Nonlinear Dynamics-Based Adaptive Neural Network Control for Vehicle Suspension Systems with Uncertain Unknown Dynamics and Input Delay

Comparative Analysis of Different Model-Based Controllers Using Active Vehicle Suspension System

Comparative Performance Analysis of LQR and MPC for Active Suspension System

Design and performance comparison of interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control for vibration suppression in active suspension systems

Enhanced nonlinear disturbance observer based sliding mode control design for a fully active suspension system

H2 control and filtering of discrete-time LPV systems exploring statistical information of the time-varying parameters

ℋ2/ℋ∞ formulation of LQR controls based on LMI for continuous-time uncertain systems

Hardware in the Loop Testing of Adaptive Inertia Weight PSO-Tuned LQR Applied to Vehicle Suspension Control

Incremental Model Predictive Control of Active Suspensions with Estimated Road Preview Information From a Lead Vehicle

Robust multi-objective control for vehicle active suspension systems with structured uncertainties

Vibration Suppression for Motor-Driven Uncertain Active Suspensions With Hard Constraints and Analysis of Energy Consumption

A research of sliding mode control method with disturbance observer combining skyhook model for active suspension systems

Deep learning framework for controlling an active suspension system

Dynamics-Enabled Safe Deep Reinforcement Learning: Case Study on Active Suspension Control

Optimization-Based Unknown Input Observer for Road Profile Estimation with Experimental Validation on a Suspension Station

Adaptive Fault Detection and Isolation for Active Suspension Systems With Model Uncertainties

Adaptive Predator-Prey Optimization for Tuning of Infinite Horizon LQR applied to Vehicle Suspension System

Linear disturbance observer based sliding mode control for active suspension systems with non-ideal actuator

Specific Aspects of Active and Semi-Active Suspensions

Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Fuzzy Antecedent Parameter Identification in Active Suspension Control

A New Delayed Resonator Design Approach for Extended Operable Frequency Range

Design of gain scheduling control using state derivative feedback

Design, Analysis and Experimental Verification of a Novel Nonlinear PI Controller

H-infinty Loop Shaping Control Applied to an Active Suspension System

Nonlinear Control for Dual Objective Active Suspension Systems

On local H∞ switched controller design for uncertain TS fuzzy systems subject to actuator saturation with unknown membership functions

Second Order Sliding Mode Control Of Active Suspension System with Supertwisting Algorithm and Disturbance Observer

Dual objective active suspension system based on a novel nonlinear disturbance compensator

Experimental evaluation of a fuzzy logic controller on a quarter car test rig

LQR Based Training of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller

Robust Control of Active Suspension to Improve Ride Comfort with Structural Constraints

An inertial delay observer-based sliding mode control for active suspension systems

Comparison of Model Predictive Control Techniques for Active Suspension

Estimation based on acceleration measures of an active suspension plant

Multi-objective H-infinity control of a laboratory model of active suspension system

Robust Control of Active Suspension -Improvement of Ride Comfort and Driving Stability Using Half Car Model

Robust H2 Control of Active Suspension – Improvement of Ride Comfort and Driving Stability

Certification of fixed computation time first-order optimization-based controllers for a class of nonlinear dynamical systems

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