Design and development of a novel control regime for microgenerating wind turbines

A Machine Vision Framework for Autonomous Inspection of Drilled Holes in CFRP Panels

Magneto-rheological actuator with permanent magnets for low-power activation

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation and implementation of a fuzzy logic controller with FPGA: Case study of a magnetic levitation system

Influence of Elbow Flexion and Stimulation Site on Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of the Biceps Brachii

Sliding-Mode Control for Stabilizing High-Order Stochastic Systems: Application to One-Degree-of-Freedom Aerial Device

Stabilization of the Inverted Cart-Pendulum System with Linear Friction

Development of a Voronoi diagram based tree trunk detection system for mobile robots used in agricultural applications

Nonparametric Bootstrap Technique for Calibrating Surgical SmartForceps: Theory and Application

Development of a 2D Laser Rangefinder Based 3D Scanning System for Wheeled Mobile Robot Applications

Improved transoral surgical tool design by CT measurements of the oral cavity and pharynx

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