Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot Control Using Input Output Switching

Air-flow control in fuel cells using delay-based load governor and feedforward augmented dynamic inversion

An Electrohydraulic Control Device with Decoupling Effect for Three-Chamber Soft Actuators

Augmenting human power by assistive robots: Application of adaptive neural networks

Digital Twin of a Servo Driver of a Servo Motor as a First Step Towards a Digital Twin of a Robot Mechanism

Optimization-Driven Controller Design for a High-Performance Electro-Hydrostatic Asymmetric Actuator Operating in All Quadrants

Research on energy consumption of fiber-reinforced fluidic soft actuators

Structural design of a microsurgery-specific haptic device: neuroArmPLUSHD prototype

The SE-AssessWrist for robot-aided assessment of wrist stiffness and range of motion: Development and experimental validation

Toward safe and high-performance human–robot collaboration via implementation of redundancy and understanding the effects of admittance term parameters

An experimental study of bellows-type fluidic soft bending actuators under external water pressure

Bending vibration control of a MR fluid embedded smart beam exposed by the conjunction of wind-induced galloping effects

Constrained adaptive backstepping control of a semi‐active suspension considering suspension travel limits

Dynamic Control of Multi-Section Three-Dimensional Continuum Manipulators Based on Virtual Discrete-Jointed Robot Models

Error Signal Differential Term Feedback Enhanced Variable Step Size FxLMS Algorithm for Piezoelectric Active Vibration Control

Evaluating a novel MR-compatible foot pedal device for unipedal and bipedal motion: Test–retest reliability of evoked brain activity

Portable Body-attached Positioning Mechanism towards Robotic Needle Intervention

Suppression of robot vibrations using input shaping and learning-based structural models

Towards an understanding of the utility of dual-modality haptic feedback in teleoperated medical devices

A Robotic Platform for 3D Forelimb Rehabilitation with Rats

Characterizing Architectures of Soft Pneumatic Actuators for a Cable-Driven Shoulder Exoskeleton

Design and Characterization of a Passive Instrumented Hand

Design and evaluation of a distally actuated powered finger prosthesis with self-contained transmission for individuals with partial hand loss

Interrogation of mid-build internal temperature distributions within parts being manufactured via the powder bed fusion process

RISE-based Anti-Windup Control of Human Lower Limb Using Electrical Stimulation

Sliding Mode Control of the Haptic-Teleoperation System Based on a Real and Virtual Robot


Q8-USB Data Acquisition Device , WinCon real-time control software

Tasbi: Multisensory Squeeze and Vibrotactile Wrist Haptics for Augmented and Virtual Reality

A Bowden Cable-Based Series Elastic Actuation Module for Assessing the Human Wrist

Continuum Robot Control Based on Virtual Discrete-Jointed Robot Models

Design of a Portable Pneumatic Power Source with High Output Pressure for Wearable Robotic Applications

Fault Detection and Diagnosis for a Nonlinear Hydraulic Actuator

Intuitive Interfaces for Teleoperation of Continuum Robots

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