A reinforcement learning-based near-optimal hierarchical approach for motion control: Design and experiment

Feedback linearization-based robust control for flexible joint robotic system using proportional integral observer

Managing Hands-on Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Experimental Application of Robust and Converse Dynamic Control for Rotary Flexible Joint Manipulator System

Identification of nonlinear dynamical systems with time delay

Optimized Control Design of LQR for Flexible Joint Manipulator

Position control of rotary flexible joint system using adaptive dynamic inversion

Real-time analysis of adaptive fuzzy predictive controller for chaotification under varying payload and noise conditions

Attitude Control of a Spacecraft Flexible Appendage using Parallel Feedforward Control

Cascaded Extended State Observer Based Sliding Mode Control for Underactuated Flexible Joint Robot

Contraction analysis of nonlinear noncausal iterative learning control

Control of a Rotary Flexible Joint Experiment based on Reinforcement Learning

Online Probabilistic Estimation of Sensor Faulty Signal in Industrial Processes and Its Applications

Distributed fixed-time control under directed graph using input shaping

Implementing a Full-state Feedback Laboratory Exercise in an Introductory Undergraduate Control Systems Engineering Course

Iterative Learning Control for a Rotary Flexible Joint Experiment

Position Control of a Flexible Joint via Explicit Model Predictive Control: An Experimental Implementation

Probabilistic Monitoring of Correlated Sensors for Nonlinear Processes in State-Space

Robust Experimental Study of Data-driven Optimal Control for an Underactuated Rotary Flexible Joint

Simultaneous identification of model structure and the associated parameters for linear systems based on particle swarm optimization

Event-based control for networked systems: From centralized to distributed approaches

Experimental validation of fuzzy PID control of flexible joint system in presence of uncertainties

Rotary flexible joint control by fractional order controllers

An Experimental Study of Robustness of Multi-objective Optimal Sliding Mode Control

Beyond Linear Control Approaches – Sliding Mode Control of Flexible Robotic Manipulator

Experimental validation on flatness based control of flexible robot arm

Hierarchical sliding mode control applied to a single-link flexible joint robot manipulator

Single input fuzzy logic controller for flexible joint manipulator

The implementation of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy for a rotary flexible joint robotic arm

A boundary layer sliding mode control design for chatter reduction using uncertainty and disturbance estimator

Multi-objective optimal design of sliding mode control with parallel simple cell mapping method

System Control In Fault And Normal Conditions Case Study – Quanser SRV-02

Control of Flexible Joint Manipulator via Variable Structure Rule-Based Fuzzy Control and Chaos Anti-Control with Experimental Validation

Saturated control of flexible-joint manipulators using a Hammerstein strictly positive real compensator

Saturated proportional derivative control of flexible-joint manipulators

Experiments of Sliding Mode Control of Time-Delayed Dynamical Systems With Model Uncertainty

Lyapunov Rule-Based Fuzzy Control and Chaotic Anti-Control for Flexible Joint System and Analysis of Chaotic Signal Existence Effectiveness with Experimental Validation

Sliding mode control experiments of uncertain dynamical systems with time delay

Control of Flexible Joint Manipulator via Reduced Rule-Based Fuzzy Control with Experimental Validation

Feedback linearization and chaotic anti-control of flexible joint manipulator with Experimental validation

Hybrid Concepts of the Control and Anti-Control of Flexible Joint Manipulator

Extended-State-Observer-Based Control of Flexible-Joint System With Experimental Validation

On the use of accelerometers in iterative learning control of a flexible robot arm

Practical Tuning of Fractional Order Proportional and Integral Controller (II): Experiments

Virtual control workstation design using simulink, simmechanics, and the virtual reality toolbox

Feedback Controls and Optimal Gain Design of Delayed Periodic Linear Systems

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