An Input-Output Feedback Linearization Approach to the Motion Control of Flexible Joint Manipulators

Estimated Response Iterative Tuning with signal projection

Nonlinear Optimal Tracking Control Applied to the Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Performance Evaluation : Anti-windup Two-loop PID Controller for Rotary Single Inverted Pendulum

A fuzzy logic-based intelligent decision support system for the selection of an appropriate input-shaping technique for controlling flexible link systems

Adaptive Event-Triggered Boundary Control for a Flexible Manipulator With Input Quantization

An Optimal Model Identification Algorithm of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems With the Algebraic Method

Meta-Heuristic Tuning of the LQR Weighting Matrices Using Various Objective Functions on an Experimental Flexible Arm Under the Effects of Disturbance

PID Tuning Method Using Chaotic Safe Experimentation Dynamics Algorithm for Elastic Joint Manipulator

Research on Vibration Suppression of the Long Flexible Arm Based on Three Tilt Sensors

Using Division Method to Convert the K-Input MIMO System to SISOs System Combined with Optimal Algorithm Application to Control of a Flexible Link System for the Oscillation (K =1,2)

An implementable stabilizing model predictive controller applied to a rotary flexible link: An experimental case study

Novel m-PSO optimized LQR control design for Flexible Link Manipulator: An experimental validation

Optimization of Generalized S-curve Trajectories for Residual Vibration Suppression and Compliance with Kinematic Bounds

State-feedback-based Fractional-Order Control Approximation for a Rotary Flexible Joint System

Vibration control of coupled Duffing oscillators in flexible single-link manipulators

Case Study on Energy-Aware Position Control for Flexible Link Mechatronic Systems

Data-Driven Backstepping Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems

Distributed control of multiple flexible manipulators with unknown disturbances and dead-zone input

Distributed tracking of multiple under-actuated Lagrangian systems with uncertain parameters and actuator faults

Iterative learning control of a flexible manipulator considering uncertain parameters and unknown repetitive disturbance

Robust Active Disturbance Rejection Control For Flexible Link Manipulator

Design and Simulation of Fractional Order Control Scheme for Rotary Flexible Link

Distributed adaptive control for multiple under-actuated Lagrangian systems under fixed or switching topology

Experimental control of a flexible link by the method of Controlled Lagrangian

Fuzzy Neural Network Control of a Flexible Robotic Manipulator Using Assumed Mode Method

Modeling and control of flexible link manipulators for unmodeled dynamics effect

PDE Model-Based Boundary Control Design for a Flexible Robotic Manipulator With Input Backlash

Simultaneous control of position and vibration of flexible link manipulator by nature-inspired algorithms

Iterative Learning Control of a Robotic Arm Experiment Platform with Input Constraint

Passivity based iterative learning control of differential systems

Reinforcement Learning Control of a Single-Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator

Vibration-based monitoring and diagnostics using compressive sensing

Comparison study of input shaping techniques to control an underactuated flexible link system

Design, Analysis and Implementation of Smoothed Input Shapers with Distributed Delays

Neural Network Control of a Flexible Robotic Manipulator Using the Lumped Spring-Mass Model

Vibration Control of a Flexible Robotic Manipulator In the Presence of Input Deadzone

Experimental Design of Robust Controller for a Rigid Flexible Satellite

Experimental Validation of Robust Predictive Controller

Sensor Fusion for Vibration Suppression Implemented on Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Double oscillatory mode compensation by inverse signal shaper with distributed delays

Linear control of a flexible arm system: Comparison of H-infinity and loop transfer recover methods-application to an experimental arm

Multi-objective optimal design and experimental validation of tracking control of a rotating flexible beam

Multi-objective optimal design of feedback controls for dynamical systems with hybrid simple cell mapping algorithm

Design of Non-Linear Controller for a flexible rotatory beam using State-Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE) control

Experimental comparison of signal shapers with lumped and distributed delays

Inverse signal shapers in effective feedback architecture

Zero vibration shapers with distributed delays of various types

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