A novel approach to the attitude stabilization structure for ducted-fan operative aerial robots: Finding improvements for modeling error and strong external transient disturbance


Dynamic Friction Model Study Applied to a Servomechanism at Low Velocities

Conceptual design of force reflection control for teleoperated bone surgery

Evaluating a novel MR-compatible foot pedal device for unipedal and bipedal motion: Test–retest reliability of evoked brain activity

Force and torque feedback in endoscopic vessel harvesting

Improving Tracking Performance of Nonlinear Uncertain Bilateral Teleoperation Systems with Time-Varying Delays and Disturbances

Position-Velocity/Position Based Robust Control for Shared Autonomous System Over Open Communication Networks-Experimental Results

Tracking Synchronization Improvement of Networked Manipulators Using Novel Adaptive Non-Singular Terminal Sliding Mode Control

Usability of cooperative surgical telemanipulation for bone milling tasks

A Nonlinear Integral Sliding Surface to Improve the Transient Response of a Force-Controlled Pneumatic Actuator With Long Transmission Lines

Adaptive vibration suppression of time-varying structures with enhanced FxLMS algorithm

Decentralized robust zero-sum neuro-optimal control for modular robot manipulators in contact with uncertain environments: theory and experimental verification


QUARC Real-Time Control Software , QPID DAQ

Design and Implementation of a Two-DOF Robotic System with an Adjustable Force Limiting Mechanism for Ankle Rehabilitation

Experimental verification of an accessible geographically distributed real‐time hybrid simulation platform

Fractional Order Control of a Continuum Robot Arm

Improving short-term retention after robotic training by leveraging fixed-gain controllers

Modulation of Anticipatory Postural Adjustments Using a Powered Ankle Orthosis in People with Parkinson’s Disease and Freezing of Gait

Multistable series elastic actuators: Design and control


QUARC Real-Time Control Software , Quanser DAQ

Parameter Estimation of a Linear Ultrasonic Motor Using the Least Squares of Orthogonal Distances Algorithm


QUARC Real-Time Control Software , QPID DAQ

Recognition of walking environments and gait period by surface electromyography

Robust output tracking of constrained perturbed linear systems via model predictive sliding mode control

Semi-Autonomous Surgical Robot Control for Beating-Heart Surgery

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