Quanser stands as a dynamic partner in engineering research and education. Recognizing the shifts in academic and industry landscapes, we’ve adapted our offerings to more closely align with the evolving needs of our clients. With over thirty years of close collaboration with the academic community, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the requirements of educators and researchers. Quanser Lab Solutions is an ecosystem of solutions designed explicitly for academia – the extensive range of products and platforms offers the fastest and easiest way to meet academic objectives for teaching, research, and student outcomes.   

At Quanser, a multi-channel approach is utilized to assess the alignment of our solutions with customer needs. A key element in this evaluation process is the analysis of academic papers that incorporate Quanser Labs, providing a reliable measure of our products’ efficacy in the research sphere.  Our data shows that, on average, 300 papers are published annually utilizing Quanser Labs, showcasing over 70 products across our principal lab collections, including Autonomous Systems & Applied AI, Robotics & Mechatronics, and Control Systems & Dynamics. A noteworthy peak occurred in 2021 with 454 publications. However, a marginal decline in publication rates was observed following the pandemic and the consequent disruptions in the academic sector, a trend that was anticipated.

Quanser’s Impact in Accelerating AI and Robotics Research: A Commitment Beyond Trends

There is a growing curiosity about how Quanser, as a longstanding academic partner, has aided researchers in the post-pandemic landscape, particularly in emerging fields like AI and Autonomous Systems. Interestingly, our findings reveal that Quanser’s commitment to supporting research has not only persisted but has become more pronounced in the post-pandemic era. We observe that the landscape of research has undergone significant transformation, especially in fields such as AI, robotics, and autonomous systems. The integration of Quanser products, including the Self-Driving Car Studio, Autonomous Vehicle Research Studio, and QArm, has played a crucial role in supporting researchers to adapt and thrive amid this shift. These products have not only led the way towards advanced technological research but have also accelerated research processes, leading to a higher publication rate in these state-of-the-art areas. This is in stark contrast to the slowdown experienced in other fields due to pandemic-related challenges.



Remarkably, publications utilizing the Quanser Autonomous Systems & AI Lab Collections have gained recognition as the second most frequently referenced items in our portfolio, outpaced only by the Qube Servo family, a well-established product that has garnered widespread adoption in the research community and comprises over 20 distinct products. This significant trend towards sophisticated technology in research highlights our critical role in facilitating these advancements and reaffirms our dedication to supporting the ongoing technological evolution in both the academic and industrial sectors.

Global academic trends in AI and robotics research strongly reinforce our focus in these areas. A Nature Index article report a substantial increase in the publication of AI and robotics papers in major science journals, a clear indicator of the worldwide emphasis on these technologies. This upsurge in research activity mirrors the growing interest and investment in these fields. It aligns with what we’ve seen at Quanser. It’s more than just a trend for us; it’s a steadfast commitment to actively engage with and support the evolving needs of the research community we’ve been a part of for more than three decades.

Academics Praise Quanser’s Impact on Research and Innovation

The value of Quanser’s offerings is best demonstrated through the experiences of its users. As Dr. Shreyas Sundaram, Marie Gordon Professor at Purdue University, succinctly puts it, ‘Quanser’s innovative designs perfectly align with the evolving demands of academia.’ He emphasizes the seamless interaction between software and hardware as a testament to Quanser’s commitment to streamlining research processes.

Furthermore, Dr. Azad Ghaffari, an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University, highlights the transformative potential of Quanser’s AI-centric platforms by stating, ‘Quanser’s solutions dramatically reduce the research-to-publication timeline.’ This response directly addresses the post-pandemic need for rapid prototyping and seamless software integration, showcasing Quanser’s dedication to setting the pace for academic achievements.

Quanser Lab Solutions: Fostering Innovation in Academic Research with Cutting-Edge AI and Autonomous Technologies

Quanser Lab Solutions epitomizes a comprehensive laboratory ecosystem, integrating four key components: Academically Tailored Hardware, Authentic Digital Twins, Open & Accessible Software, and Extensive Research and Laboratory Documentation. This holistic solution, specifically designed for the academic context, equips laboratories with essential high-tech infrastructure, including computational systems and network connectivity, along with robust physical and digital instrumentation.

Central to our portfolio is the AI & Autonomous Labs division, where Quanser Lab Solutions distinguish themselves through the integration of Nvidia’s advanced computational technology. This enables a sophisticated approach to AI-driven research and analytical decision-making. Systems like the QDrone 2 are equipped with high-precision sensors and LiDAR, facilitating an amalgamation of traditional engineering methods and modern AI techniques. This arrangement not only supports intricate tasks such as spatial orientation and trajectory planning but also contributes to the advancement of AI applications in educational environments.

Our commitment to continual development is manifest in the ongoing refinement of our AI algorithms and educational content. Embracing an open architecture framework, we promote a culture of scientific innovation and flexibility. This strategy ensures that Quanser Lab Solutions remain aligned with the evolving demands of engineering research and education, thus reinforcing our status as an essential resource in the academic community.


As we stand at the forefront of innovation and witness the potential of AI-centric research, Quanser extends two distinct invitations:

For Current Users: Share Your Journey
If you are part of the Quanser family and have experienced the transformative impact of our solutions, we encourage you to share your story. Your experiences, challenges, successes, and insights are vital to our mission. They not only prove our contribution to advancing research and education but also inspire and inform others. Reach out to Morteza.Mohammadi@Quanser.com and contribute to the collective narrative shaping the future of AI-centric research.

For Future Innovators: Discover the Possibilities

For individuals at the forefront of innovation, particularly in autonomous technology and artificial intelligence, Quanser extends an invitation to explore the realm of possibilities. Delve into a curated collection of research papers, each demonstrating the impactful applications and advancements facilitated by Quanser-developed technologies.