Representing our company and presenting our solutions to new and existing audiences is a great tool to learn what people want for their research robots and how we fit in. Last week, we had the opportunity to be in the exhibitor’s hall at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (iROS) held this year in Detroit, Michigan. This conference brings together one of the largest crowds of robotics researchers once a year to present their latest publications.

We shared the hall with companies that provide solutions to a variety of unique challenges, from industrial robotic cleaners, robots for applications that pose a risk to humans and rehabilitation robots, to city-wide delivery solutions. We even shared space with the F1TENTH competition, which was a great way to see how autonomous driving vehicles can be pushed to the limit for time trial racing. Take a look at our iROS 2023 team and our booth!


As a company primarily focused on solutions for both teaching and research, we were able to differentiate ourselves by presenting our array of solutions that focus on and cover a wide variety of academic applications. The potential challenges we talked about at the show ranged from improving control systems, robotic manipulator education and warehouse robotics, to self-driving and autonomous drone research.

Our booth at this conference presented our core offerings, highlighted using a variety of different demos. We had a Qube-Servo 3 with its virtual twin demonstrating the building blocks of mechatronics and robotics teaching applications. The QCar and its virtual twin in a city environment showcased the wide variety of applications for our autonomous intelligent systems hardware and digital twins for different scenarios when testing self-driving vehicles. The QArm, paired with the unreleased QBot Platform, demonstrated a collection of robotics algorithms that students could develop, including pick and place, line following, sensor fusion, and multiagent communication. Finally, we had a QDrone 2 and Aero 2 demo to showcase how students can go from learning the basics of flight dynamics and control with the Aero 2 and its virtual twin, to more complicated flight dynamics using our QDrone 2.

Check this video out, where Peter Martin, our Director of R&D, talks about Quanser, our product offerings and what sets us apart!


See you at the next conference!