Webinar Details

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 9 am EST (UTC/GMT-5) As a global leader in hardware solutions for controls, robotics, and mechatronics education, we strongly believe in hands-on laboratory experience as is a main pillar of engineering education. However, as the realities of the current pandemic started to sink in, many institutions were forced to cancel or significantly scale back their laboratory activities. So how does an institution run labs during a pandemic? And post-pandemic, can lessons learned from the experience help positively impact engineering education? In this webinar we will discuss how the current pandemic forced us to reinvent our approach to engineering labs by leveraging our software IP to develop a close enough, if not identical, laboratory experience, albeit virtually. We will provide examples on how a hybrid approach to laboratory education can empower students by allowing them to explore and validate complex theories both at home and in a laboratory setting. Watch now