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Can I control two Quanser systems on two different PCs from another computer with QUARC?

You can control two Quanser systems that are connected on two different computers – target 1 and 2 – simultaneously from one QUARC model running on a host computer..
  • Type qc_show_demos in the MATLAB Command Window to get access to all QUARC demonstration models.
  • Scroll down and look for the "Communications" group.
  • Run the "QUARC Basic Communications Demo" to learn how "Stream Server" and "Stream Client " blocks work.
  • The host computer could have two Stream Server blocks. Each of these Server blocks would communicate with target 1 and 2. Each target PC would have a Stream Client block that would accept data from the host.
  • To start, you can try sending a square wave to target 1 and a sine wave to target 2 from the host machine, then modify it to control the plants connected the target computers.

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